Borealis Dataverse

This database, open source and free of charge, identifies and collects French and English Canadian sources of iconic productions (comic books, graphic novels) and audiovisual productions (documentary and fiction films and fictional television series) featuring at least one character with a disability.

Through the development of an analytical sheet for each media production, for each member of the production (creation; illustration/drawing; direction; scripting) and for each character, it is possible to determine the characteristics of the (self)representations and the themes addressed (e.g., the type of role of the characters: main, secondary, tertiary; disabling situations encountered; whether they are subjected to ableism, intimidation or abuse, etc.).

Click here to acces the database (new tab, clickable link) :

As of March 15, 2023, 137 entries media productions from a corpus of 215 have been analyzed.

The analysis grids used to characterize each media production can be found in the “Questionnaires” folder. Video clips explaining how to query the database are available in the “Tutorials” folder.(2023-03-15)

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