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In addition to meeting web accessibility standards, this site offers the following additional measures:

  • Welcome message in American Sign Language (ASL) and in Quebec Sign Language/Langue des signes québécoise (LSQ)
  • Accessibility options:
    – Changing the text size
    – Grayscale display
    – High contrast
    – Negative contrast 
    – Light background
    – Underlined links
    – Readable font
  • Possibility to access the content audibly (“Read the page” tool)
  • Version of the website offered in Simplified French

Do not hesitate to contact us if improvements can be made to our site to make it even more accessible!

Keyboard Shortcuts

g then h → home Go to front page
g then l → login Go to login page
g then d → dashboard Go to admin dashboard
g then c → comment Go to comment edit page
g then t → themes Go to themes page
g then p → plugins Go to plugins page
g then u → users Go to users page
g then s → settings Go to settings page
? → help Toggle the help area
/ → search Focus the search box
d → debug Toggle the debug bar
r → reload Reload the current page
e → edit Edit current post
p then a → post all All post listing
p then n → post new Create new post
Shift + p then a → page all All page listing
Shift + p then n → page new Create new page
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