Cover of the Deaf and Disability Arts Practices in Canada Report / Research Report / UQAM / Canada Council for the Arts

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In May 2018, the Research, Measurement and Data Analytics Section of the Canada Council for the Arts signed a contract with the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and a team of university researchers to carry out a study aimed at documenting the artistic practices of deaf and disabled people in Canada (new tab).

Executive Summary (PDF)

Authors:  Véro Leduc, Mouloud Boukala, Joëlle Rouleau, Aimee Louw, Ashley McAskill, Catherine Théroux, Sarah Heussaff, Line Grenier, Mélina Bernier, Shandi Bouscatier, Élodie Marcelli, Laurence Parent, Darren Saunders, Tamar Tembeck, Olivier Angrignon-Girouard and Carolyne Grimard.


Cover of the Issue 15 (2020) of the Parcours anthropologiques Journal: Théories et méthodes du numérique / Directed by Mouloud Boukala et Denis Cerclet / Université Lumière Lyon 2 / OpenEdition

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This issue of Parcours anthropologiques devoted to theories and methods through the use of digital technology questions the way in which anthropological research is carried out on and with digital technology, at a time when “digital technology is called upon to redefine power relations and cooperation within the world of academia and research” (Diminescu and Wieviorka, 2015: 16, free translation). This issue brings together anthropological research practices in the digital field and in connection with digital technology, and also mobilizes the work of sociologists and researchers in information and communication sciences (CIS).

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